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Iwona Tenzing Asian Art

Tenzing Asian Art, launched in 2006, specializes in rare Himalayan art objects of early Kashmiri Buddhist period, Pala India, and Licchavi Nepali era that survived in Tibet. Founder and CEO Iwona Tenzing began her curatorial career 30 years ago at Xanadu Gallery in San Francisco where she helped secure Xanadu Gallery’s reputation as a prestigious dealer in traditional Himalayan, Chinese, and tribal art. Tenzing Asian Art helps private individuals and museums worldwide to build collections of exquisite and significant Himalayan art.

Iwona’s extensive ties to the Himalayas and its people is built on decades of travel and research in the region. The objects represented on Tenzing Asian Art website reflect her impeccable taste and discerning eye and are reference works in their own right.

Tenzing Asian Art receives by appointment only.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us via email at iwona@tenzingasianart.com or via our contact page

We can be reach via phone at +1.415.269.4716